Namibia Development Corporation
Constituted Under Act 18 of 1993

Engine of Development

Saving Energy
Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) met on 15 May 2013  to officially inaugurate the NDC Solar PhotoVoltaic System which is used to reduce daytime electricity consumption. Monthly energy use hovers between 20,000 & 26,000 units while the average energy use of the PV system will be between 8,400 units per month. With this installation, NDC is expected to save monthly energy cost by between 30-40%.

Above: Callie Schlettwein (middle), and NDC Board Chairman, John Nekwaya (right), receiving an explanation on the new Solar PhotoVoltaic system.

Bumper Date Crop at Eersbegin
WHILE dust settles over drought-stricken Namibia, date palms are blooming and business is booming at the country’s first date farm Eersbegin.  Situated 90km west of Khorixas, the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) run project recorded its biggest harvest...READ MORE

Above: Date plantation @ Eersbegin